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The church exists today for the purpose of evangelizing the world, both at home and throughout the world. Living Hope Church supports many programs and people beyond our walls that are helping to build the Kingdom of God.


Melissa Bramer

Melissa is a former Jehovah’s Witness that now ministers to those that have been disfellowshipped from the JW Organization or have left the cult voluntarily.

She shares the hope found in Jesus Christ both locally and nationwide through her website, speaking engagements, and workshops.

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Missionaries Serving in Ukraine

Paul, Christine, Evan and Emma are Assembly of God missionaries that have been serving in Kiev, Ukraine since 2005. Currently they are working with internationals at ICA Kiev where they minister to those living in Kiev, whether long or short-term, and send them out into the world ready to be Christ’s light to the Nations.

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Serving in India

Paul is a native of India, and along with his wife, they serve the widows and orphans amongst the poorest people of India. By living alongside the people he serves, he understands their needs, hurts, and what can be done to help them.

Paul Daniel
3/12 Sriram Nagar (North)
Mudichur Road
West Tambaram
Chennai 600045 INDIA


Missionaries Serving in Kenya

Jason and Rebekah, along with their four young daughters, are Bethany Missionaries that serve in Kenya. They are the leaders of Bethany’s global intern site in Kenya and host missionary students during their 18 month internships. Jason also manages a farm project that teaches locals how to become self-sustaining through agriculture. This farm also employs, provides food, and offers medical services to local villagers.

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Dr. David Bruenning

The International Children’s Fund, under the leadership of Dr. David Bruenning in Neenah, WI, has been meeting the needs of impoverished children throughout the world for over 30 years. ICF is a non-profit Christian organization that provides humanitarian aid to desperately poor children and their families.

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